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Can I sign up for one month?

Yes, you can cancel after 1 month. Go to your account dashboard and click the cancel button.

What payment options are there?

All major credit cards are available such as Mastercard, Visa, AMEX.


How reliable is the information?

Well the information here is perfectly reliable and accurate. The only problem is that the species must be correctly identified. If you're not 100% certain then you are better off not going near it. Of course there are some species that are quite impossible to get wrong. Take a close look at the description and especially the leaf structure is a good start.

How long have you been involved with Bush Tucker?

I can remember eating Green Ants way back in Primary school. In those days at North Cairns State School, we had an Aboriginal kid in the classroom and he put us on the right track. That was around 1956 and it took the Australian Army another 30 years to catch onto the topic. That was in 1980 when I was given a Defence Fellowship to work out of James Cook University in Townsville, after which Brig Mike Jefferie's took me and Bush Tucker under his wing. You will remember that he went on to become Australian Governor General.

Can you eat what the birds eat and is anything red in colour poisonous?

No and No. Birds have a different constitution to humans and their eating habits are not in any way a guide. As far as colour is concerned, many Bush Tuckers are red or reddish in colour, the same as many of the fruit you purchase in the shop may be red in colour.

About Les

How do I connect with Les?

Best thing to do is to add comment via his Instagram account explaining just what you want.

Where can I find merchandise?

Well all the videos can be downloaded from the ABC via the internet. The ABC shop is no longer operating so to obtain the various books, which are no longer published, the best place to look is the internet. Mind you the prices are a bit steep these days.